Glow Impact Partnerships

Glow is a climate protocol that constructs $20 of new solar panels for every $1 of donations. This is made possible by Glow’s unique economic structure - solar installations produce valuable electricity revenue and Glow uses 100% of the revenue from its solar farms to construct even more solar.

The Glow Impact Partnership program allows individuals and corporations to connect their brand and identity to the Glow mission. Impact Partners are featured onglow.organd given their own page that summarizes their contributions to the Glow protocol. You can see an examplehere.

The partner page displays the total amount of solar that has been sponsored by the partner. Because Glow is able to produce roughly $20 of solar for every $1 of contribution, the number displayed on the partner page is approximately 20x the lifetime financial contribution of the impact partner.

Partnership Pricing

The Glow community recognizes that many carbon emissions are not the fault of individual actors, but rather a consequence of a complex economy. The truth is that every human and every business is dependent on unsustainable resources to function in the modern world, and many of the world’s biggest polluters are merely satisfying an economic need that is driven by everyone else. Fixing the climate will require reshaping the global economy, and the responsibility for making that happen falls on everybody, regardless of their own direct emissions.

Glow asks that every corporate Impact Partner contribute a minimum of$20 per month per employee. More specifically, Glow asks for $20 per month per person that is making a livable wage at the company, which would include contractors and other individuals receiving material compensation. Glow asks individual Impact Partners to contribute $5 per month.

Glow largely uses the honor system with regards to employee count, and requests that companies update their employee counts on a quarterly basis. In the event that inaccurate reporting is suspected, Glow reserves the right to investigate further and remove partnership status until the investigation is complete.

Becoming an Impact Partner

The simplest way to become an impact partner is to sign up through a Stripe integration on Glow Labs (a service provider for the Glow Foundation) will handle receiving payment and making the blockchain transactions that contribute to the Glow economy. Once payment is completed, you will be able to create a profile and partner page on

If you prefer to receive invoices for participating in the Glow Impact Partner program, you can reach out to to coordinate a contract with monthly invoices. This email is also a great place to ask questions and provide feedback about the program.

Tax Implications

Glow and its partners do not currently have official non-profit status, and therefore the Impact Partnership program does not qualify for tax write-offs at this time. Glow is actively working on a solution, and hopes to remedy this in the near future.

Similarly, Glow’s impact contributions are not currently recognized by any regulatory body as official carbon credits, and therefore cannot be used to meet any legal climate or sustainability requirements. Glow believes that current policy around climate is insufficient, and has chosen to pursue foundational policy changes rather than attempt to adapt to current legal standards. This path will likely take considerable effort, therefore Glow does not anticipate being able to meet legal climate requirements in the near future.