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Glow is on a mission to power the planet with 100% renewable energy. Every individual, no matter how small, can participate meaningfully in the mission. Every contribution to Glow fuels and motivates solar farms to slash CO2 emissions, and earns you Impact Points to measure the positive change.

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The Glow Impact Platform

Before Glow, the climate industry used carbon credits as its preferred incentive mechanism. Carbon credit standards were diverse and conflicting, and every country and corporation used a different set of rules.

The Glow Impact Partnership

The Glow Impact Partnership program allows individuals and corporations to connect their brand and identity to the Glow mission

Elected Officials

Glow Governance


Glow Certification Agents

Glow Certification Agents (GCAs) are crucial off-chain actors in the Glow ecosystem, responsible for auditing solar farms to verify carbon credit production. Elected through Glow's governance system, GCAs ensure solar farms meet specific criteria and report their findings on-chain, supporting transparency and integrity within the system. Their role is pivotal in ensuring that carbon credits represent genuine CO2 emission reductions.


Veto Council Members

Veto Council Members in the Glow system are elected individuals responsible for monitoring network activity and addressing any suspicious, concerning, or misguided actions. They have the authority to halt or pause activities that may harm the network's integrity. Their role includes ensuring that governance actions align with the system's objectives and that anomalies in reports or proposals are addressed promptly to maintain the system's health and trustworthiness.

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